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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Patriot Coal reclamation

Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement
Patriot Coal - 2011 Commissioner's Award for Excellence in Mining Reclamation

This reclamation of permit No. 851-0043 will have positive future benefits and economic advantages.  Numerous stream enhancements create a natural habitat for new herbaceous species and wildlife.  Stream restoration has occurred in the same general vicinity of the original streams to closely approximate their pre-mining meandering nature.
The post-mining land use approximates the pre-mining land use which includes 282.2 acres of forest land, 91.1 acres of crop land and 21.3 acres of fish and wildlife.  The two approved exceptions are an acre of wetlands and two permanent ponds that will compliment the primary uses.

As a result of Patriot Coal’s reclamation efforts, post-mining land uses have been achieved in accordance with the landowner’s wishes. The restoration completed at this site provides Henderson County with exceptional post mining land use.