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Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement
Enterprise Mining LLC - 2010 Commissioner's Excellence in Reclamation Award

Carl E. Campbell (third from right), commissioner of the Department for Natural Resources (DNR), presented a 2010 Commissioner’s Award of Excellence in Reclamation to Enterprise Mining LLC for outstanding reclamation work on their surface facility (Permit No. 860-0453) located in Knott County near the community of Amburgey.

Enterprise Mining reclamation award

The approaches Enterprise Mining used in both mining and reclamation activities resulted in efficiency and minimized the environmental impact--multiple coal seams were simultaneously mined so that future disturbances in the watershed will be minimal; nutrient-rich topsoil was “banked” for later use in reclamation and seeded to ensure against loss due to erosion; water runoff control techniques were extremely effective in preventing erosion and excessive siltation of the watersheds and streams; and facilities, such as roads, ponds and hollowfills, were shared with an adjoining mining operation to minimize disturbance. 

Reclamation photo

As a result of Enterprise Mining’s reclamation efforts, the landowner’s wish for pastureland as the post-mining land use has been achieved.  The site will provide opportunities for grazing, recreation and development once Phase III bond release is granted.
Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement (DMRE) inspector Crystal Byrd from the Prestonsburg Regional Office nominated this site because of the company’s exceptional work and their commitment to the environment.

In presenting the award to Bobby Isaacs, Commissioner Campbell noted, “Enterprise employed innovative techniques and called on their engineering expertise to create a model for mining and reclamation. The employees are to be commended for their careful planning and dedicated efforts in mining this site in such an environmentally responsible way.”