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Division of Mine Reclamation and Enforcement
DMRE Electronic Forms

The electronic Bond Release and MFR word templates do not allow for multiple attachments with Office 2007 and 2010 since the original design utilized Office 2003.
The DNR application development team is currently converting both forms to an alternative format. In the meantime, use one of the following methods for electronic submission to the FTP site:

· Create a single word document containing all pages, save to folder and submit
· Scan all pages to a single PDF, save to folder and submit

Use the naming conventions from the electronic submission guide for your folder.

NEW! Disabling Protected Mode in Adobe Reader X

Adobe Reader X has an issue with inserting into the ePermit. The following steps will fix the problem:

1. Open Adobe Reader X.

2. From Edit menu select Preferences, Preferences dialog box appears.

3. Select General category on the list, uncheck or remove tick mark for "Enable protected mode at startup"

4. Click OK


Additional Forms

For Division of Mine Permits Electronic Forms click here.


 Downloadable Forms (Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Affidavit Form for Blasting Surveys.docx
Blaster 3 Year Renewal Form with checklist.doc
Blaster AOC background check form.doc
Blaster application certification.doc
Blaster Certification.doc
Blaster initial license application instructions.doc
Blaster training class registration form.doc
Coal GP DMR Revised 4-2011.xls
Coal IP DMRs.xls
Codes for use on Surface and Groundwater monitoring forms.doc
EC-12 Blaster annual dealer registration form.doc
EC-16 Application for Blasters License.doc
EC-17 Blaster license affidavit.doc
EC-40 Class Enrollment.doc
EC-41 Blaster notification of retraining.doc
EC-42 Blaster notice of training.doc
EC-52  Application to purchase or receive explosives - Coal.doc
EC-52 Application to purchase or receive explosives  Non-Coal.doc
Electronic Submission Guide - Revised 10-8-13.doc
MR1-New Blaster Certification.doc
MR2-Application For Renewal of Blaster's Certification 2016.doc
MR3- Blaster Certification Letter of Reference.doc
NCR-11 Non-coal escrow agreement.doc
NCR-12 Non-Coal Request for Bond
NCR-14 Non-Coal Citizen's Request for
NCR-15 Non-Coal Request for Reclamation
NCR-18 Non-Coal Planting
NCR-2 Application for Surface Disturbance Non-Coal Mining Permit.doc
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